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Nowadays, there is a range of hunting knives available in stores, and several companies manufacture these knives with different designs. It is fortunate that they are many in the market, but the problem is that you will experience a challenging time to select the most appropriate one for you. The two main types of hunting knives are folding blade and straight blade. Your choice is also influenced by the amount of money you are willing to spend on the purchase. Some knives can be quite expensive yet durable.


Before you select a hunting knife like the best survival knife under 200, you need to outline precisely its purpose. Know what type of hunter you are. Are you going for one time hunting or are you a regular hunter who spends most of the time in the jungle? Those who do not hunt frequently can choose a folding blade knife. However, if hunting is your daily routine, then you need to select a straight hunting knife with a good handle and can attach to your hunting gear. This knife is easy to operate, and you can draw it out quickly whenever a need arises.


You can consider the length of the knife and its material. Hunting knives have different lengths and styles. Depending on your hunting techniques, you can determine whether you need a long blade or a short blade. Long blades are suitable for aggressive hunters who can pursue animals. For stealthy hunters who rely on surprise attacks, a short knife would be the best. If you perform other activities apart from hunting, you can choose a custom knife which suits those activities. For instance, if a hunter does fishing then he needs a knife with a hook at the tip or a serrated knife for sawing small trees. A pointed knife is appropriate for piercing while that with a large blade is suitable for skinning.


You should choose a stainless steel blade. Such blades are durable, and they do not corrode or rust. Do not choose a jointed blade because the joint may be a weakness point and it can easily break in the course of your activities. Your blade should be one piece throughout so that it is strong enough. Choose a blade with a handle which you can comfortably grip so that it does not slip off.


If you find it difficult to choose the right blade, you can browse the internet to check on several reviews of hunting knives. The reviews compare the different features of the knives and also their prices. They could also recommend the best brands you can pick.